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Sponsor Thank You!!!

JUST-a-BREAK would like to give a shout-out and thank-you to Northern Ice (NICE), one of our supporters of both JUST-A-Break and the North Ogden City Chalk-It-Up. Whether a booth sponsor, providing cool treats for our Chalk-It-Up volunteers, or providing print services, owner David Gordon has been there with his time and resources to help our events. David also owns Quality Quick Print which has provided significant print contributions.

These contributions are in memory of Jennifer Thorpe and to give back to the community. Emily, the manager of NICE, remembers a time when Jen wanted a Mango Shave Ice, one of her favorite treats while she was undergoing chemo, and it was delivered because she couldn't come get it.

NICE was started, in part, to employ David's sons with the purpose of instilling a strong work ethic. Over 8 seasons later, NICE has become a local favorite, as well as a destination location with fans as far away as Chicago by serving AUTHENTIC shave ice. NICE also serves ice cream, DoleWhip, Ice Cream Pies, and many other treats, all of which are available for private events and parties.

So next time you're in the neighborhood in the spring, summer, or early fall, stop by Northern Ice and give yourself a delicious and memorable treat.

From all of us at JUST-a-BREAK, we want to thank Northern Ice and Quality Quick Print for their support!

Northern Ice - A NICE Place to Meet for a Treat