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To whom it may Concern                         Sept. 20, 2015

Here is some follow up from the JUST-a- BREAK project initiated by the Thorpes.

I have followed up with the Cancer Unit clinic employees at Mckay Dee Hospital (Ogden, UT) that have been handing out the gift cards. They report that families are extremely touched, and quite emotional.

One couple recently sent their only child on an LDS mission and along with this expense ($400/month) as well as neither being able to work (due to health issues), they have struggled. “Going out” is not something they do as a result of current finances and the patient’s disease progression but they were SO EXCITED to have the opportunity to enjoy a nice evening out.

Another patient and his wife were able to use their dinner and hotel gift certificate and have an evening away shortly before his death, it truly was a nice break for them.

The office staff reports that it is so much fun to do something for the patient’s that brings a smile to their faces, especially during such a difficult time.

Our own staff has been very blessed to be a part of this project as well. We strongly support and encourage any and all participation with “Take a Break from Cancer”.

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