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Ways you can donate...

Are you a local business?

Local Business donors are the "bread & butter" of the non-profit organization JUST-a-BREAK. Your generous contributions or gift certificates will not be randomly given away or "sold" at a silent auction or given to just anyone. Instead, your contributions will be carefully considered and "gifted" to emotionally, financially struggling local cancer patients and their caregivers. If you would consider making recurring or monthly donations your contributions would help even more patients in need to get JUST-a-BREAK.

Businesses not in the hotel, restaurant and entertainment industry have also expressed a desire to help. We are grateful for them as well. Any gift certificates for products or services (oil change, haircut, house cleaning, etc.) would certainly be appreciated by these cancer patients.

Another option would be a cash donation-either as a one-time donation or a monthly ongoing donation to JUST-a-BREAK. You can do that safely and securely online through our PayPal link or by downloading our donation form to fax or mail.

Of course, as a registered 501c3 non-profit organization ALL donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Our EIN# is 47-5438273.

In addition to your good will and deduction, included with every gift package will be a request for the recipient of your generous contribution to give you and your business "shout outs" to their friends and family as well as on social media site like Facebook, Travelocity, Trip Advisor, Yelp, etc.

Also, JUST-a-BREAK will gladly recognize your contributions on our Website and Facebook page.

If you are willing to make a contribution of gift certificates please contact us at or mail directly to:

c/o Greg Thorpe
11843 View Pointe Circle
Santa Clara, UT. 84765


Are you a caring individual?

Thank you for caring enough to consider donating to the JUST-a-BREAK organization. Your donation could come in the form of cash, unused sporting event tickets or gift certificates, and/or your time!

Cash- Cash donations- either through our secure PayPal link with a credit card or using our Donation Form to mail you credit card number or check will greatly assist us in supplementing the donations from generous local businesses. It will help us with all aspects of the JUST-a-BREAK packages distributed to local advanced stage cancer patients.

If you would like to make a Cash Donation please click on the PayPal Donate button or download the Donation Form. Thank you again!

You can also make a monthly recurring donation. Please select your monthly amount you wish to donate and click on the button below:

Monthly Donation Amount

Unused tickets or Gift Cards- Rather than have unused tickets or gift cards collect dust or go unused- JUST-a-BREAK would love to utilize these as part of our gifted packages to local cancer patients. Simply mail them to:

c/o Greg Thorpe
1843 View Pointe Circle
Santa Clara, UT. 84765

Volunteer your time- JUST-a-BREAK could use your help! If you are willing to participate as a volunteer please click on this link to see the opportunities for you to help us and be part of the organization.