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Greg Thorpe Awarded Pilot Pens G2 Overachiever Grant!

Congrats to our founder, Greg Thorpe, for being honored as the Pilot Pen G2 Overachiever of 2018 for his work with JUST A BREAK From Cancer.

Also, HUGE thanks to Pilot Pen and Priyanka Chopra for putting this grant program together and highlighting those making a difference. #PowerToThePen #DoYouG2

Local store donates 70 Easter Baskets to JUST-a-BREAK!

A big shout out and thank you to Smith's Food & Drug of Ogden, Utah who donated 70 Easter baskets to JUST-a-BREAK. The baskets where delivered to the Oncology Department at McKay Dee Hospital. "It is bringing tears to patients eyes to be able to take them home to their kids! Staff is loving it as much as the patients are!" said Nan Fitzgerald, a licensed clinical social worker in the outpatient oncology department at McKay-Dee Hospital.

JUST-a-BREAK Kicks Off First of its Kind Program
at Mckay Dee Hospital Cancer Unit and Huntsman Cancer Institute

JUST-a-BREAK has kicked off its first program with Mckay Dee Hospital & Hunstman Cancer Institute in Ogden and Salt Lake City, Utah. With over 3 dozen community sponsors, JUST-a-BREAK has been able to provide dozens of area patients with advanced cancer the simple but needed break from their normal day to day woes of living with cancer. The patients were treated to an overnight stay at one of the areas finer hotels, a dinner for two at a local restuarant, and a show or event.

The Larry H Miller Group even donated a ‘VIP Jazz Package” where a family of four was treated to a pre-game VIP Dinner & Dessert, lower bowl tickets, snacks at halftime and then a special “Autograph Session” with the players after the game.

A direct quote from a teenage son of a mother with advanced cancer said "Wow- for a few hours tonight, we didn’t talk about or even think about Cancer?"

There was no charge to them since all the gifts were donated by local area businesses. This is "...a real example of how the commUNITY and a small monthly donation can make a difference in someone’s life that is battling advanced cancer" said Greg Thorpe the founder and drive behind JUST-a-BREAK.