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Our Gifting Process...

JUST-a-BREAK from cancer volunteers contact local business owners/managers to introduce them to JUST-a-BREAK and the work we do, as well as explain the benefits to them and their business. Aside from the good will, we explain how their business will get broader exposure on the JUST-a-BREAK web site and promotional material, as well as the exposure to potentially new local families/customers.

The local businesses decide what resources they are willing to donate to JUST-a-BREAK. It might be a one-time donation of a certificate for a dinner or a one night stay at their hotel, or perhaps several dinner certificates, or movie tickets, several nights stays, or some may even commit to a regular monthly donation- for example: 2 hotel rooms/month for 6 months, or 6 dinners a month, etc.

If many local businesses donate even a little every month, it will add up, and equate to ongoing opportunities for more and more cancer patients and their caregivers.

JUST-a-BREAK volunteer staff will then coordinate with the local businesses the best method for receiving the gift certificates- whether by personal pickups, or having them mailed in.

JUST-a-BREAK will carefully use cash donation to purchase or supplement additional rooms, dinners, or transportation if needed to complete a package or create additional packages so more patients can be given JUST-a-BREAK.

JUST-a-BREAK will then make arrangements with a facility social worker, and/or administrator at the local cancer treatment facility or hospital to have them carefully screen/track which individuals are in most "need" of a "break" at this time, as well as keeping track of which individuals/families had already received a "package".

JUST-a-BREAK has no involvement in who get the packages. We just help to insure they go to those in need of "JUST-a-BREAK".

* If you are a local business and are willing to participate in JUST-a-BREAK please contact us at 888-258-6363 or email us at