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Typical Packages...

Overnight Accomodations

Whether at a local hotel or a mountainside resort- isn’t it nice to just get away? Let someone else make the bed, and clean the toilets! We have, and will continue to partner with many local hotels and resorts such as the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah or the Westgate Resort & Spa in Park City, Utah, etc. to provide such "get aways" for hundreds of cancer patients and their families.

Dinner Out for Two

We believe that there is something therapeutic about going out to dinner with loved ones. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice meal at a nice restaurant making special memories? JUST-a-BREAK (non-profit) has, and will continue to partner with some of the finest local restaurants. Working together, we will provide certificates and vouchers that will allow hundreds of local cancer patients and their loved ones to enjoy a "complimentary" meal away from home and hospitals.

Movie, Show or Event

What is your "ESCAPE" ? A good movie with buttered popcorn & family? An exciting day at a ski resort? Bowling? Go-Cart racing? Paintball? Or, a relaxing afternoon at the Spa? Whatever it is, JUST-a-BREAK wants to help make an ‘escape’ a reality for hundreds of local cancer patients & their loved ones.


We’re always looking for new ideas or additional items to add to the package, like limo service, ....