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Shop on Amazon Smile and give JUST-a-BREAK

Amazon will donate a portion of your shopping to JUST-a-BREAK if you sign up. It is free! Cost you nothing! Helps provide JUST-a-BREAK to local patients with advanced stage cancer. Click here to sign-up now!

We were pleased to announce that every time you shop on Amazon, they will donate 0.5% of your purchase to JUST-a-BREAK. This is all made possible by simply shopping on

If you already shop on Amazon, or if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, we invite you to shop at and choose JUST-a-BREAK as your charity of choice.

The entire shopping experience is the same and most products available on are available at Amazon Smile.
But you must first register JUST-a-BREAK as your selected charity.

When you go to you will see a screen simlar to below. Sign in with your Amazon account or Create a New Account:
Sign into Amazon Smile

You must than choose JUST-a-BREAK as you charity. Simpley enter JUST A BREAK into the Pick Your Own Charitable Organization search box on this page:
Sign into Amazon Smile

Once selected, you will receive an email confirmation and you can begin shopping just like you did before.

It is that easy!

Remember it is important that you go to to sign in before you shop once you registered. We do not get a donation if you login to Amazon from any other page.

Thank you for help give JUST-a-BREAK! And don't foget to share and tell you friends too!

Sign into Amazon Smile

Please contact us if you would have questions or would like to help start a new JUST-a-BREAK group in your area, volunteer your time, or help in some other way.